Kierunek lekarsko-dentystyczny gościem w Haszymidzkim Królestwie Jordanii









Rozpoczęliśmy pobyt w Jordanii. Amman przywitał nas piękną, letnią pogodą, mimo, że w Polsce przygotowujemy się już do Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Rozpoczynamy spotkania w szkołach. Może to będą przyszli Studenci kierunku lekarsko-dentystycznego…

kobieta siedząca przy biurku

Information for final year Students and this year’s Graduates

Szanowni Państwo,

poniżej przekazujemy informację otrzymaną z Università degli Studi del Molise:

” Università degli Studi del Molise is happy to announce the opening of the selections for the admission to the following PhD programmes, organized according to five different disciplinary fields:

PhD Programme in Biology and Applied Sciences,

PhD Programme in Ecology and Territory,

PhD Programme in Innovation and Management of Public Resources,

PhD Programme in Agriculture Technology and Biotechnology,

PhD Programme in Translational and Clinical Medicine;

Both Italian and foreign citizens are allowed to apply, provided that they hold a second cycle Master degree recognized as equivalent to those issued by European and Italian universities.

Application must be submitted on-line only, following the procedure described in the Call.

Admission and enrollment are conditional upon the passing of a selection process, which also includes an oral examination/interview.

Applications are open until 20 August 2020, 12.00pm (CEST).

We kindly ask your collaboration to let the news circulate among your graduate students interested in continuing their study abroad.
All the details, including the Official Call and its English translation, are available here, with specifications on the content of each Phd programme and information about special scholarships reserved to applicants holding a non-Italian Master degree.”


zrzut ekranu logowania do platformy U10

Virtual University

We are pleased to inform you that on 27.09.2019 the service of the new Virtual Dean’s Office was launched. It is a part of the Uczelnia10 system currently implemented in our University, designed for comprehensive support of teaching processes. If you encounter any difficulties, please report them to – if an error occurs, we will inform the software developer on an ongoing basis.

So how can you log in to the Virtual University?
1. The Virtual University is available at
2. The login to the Virtual University is the album number preceded by the letter „s” (students) or „d” (PhD students) in conjunction with the domain So for a student with album number 12345 the login looks like this:

And what is the password?
3. First-year students log in with the data they receive in a secure envelope along with their student ID card (please ask about it in your dean’s office)
4. Students older than 1 year can log in by selecting the „Password recovery” option and following the steps required by the system remembering to use the login described in point 2.

Attention! After successfully completing the procedure, a link to enter a new password will be sent to the private e-mail address provided by the student at the recruitment stage.
Explanation – your login and password to the Virtual University are also data that allow you to log in to the Microsoft Office365 service available at where you will find your MS Outlook mailbox, MS Office package, virtual disk for data storage and several other interesting services. Over the coming weeks, we will be working on integrating other IT services with the new login version.

Enjoy using it.
Employees of the Dean’s Offices and the IT Department
Medical University of Silesia in Katowice