We would like to invite you to a meeting of international students to the Kato Science Corner x Metrolab GZM. The meeting is organized by the Metropolis GZM on 18th of December 2023 from 5 pm to 7 pm in Kato Science Corner x Metrolab GZM (2 Młyńska street, Katowice).

Meeting agenda:

  1. Welcome part: mark on the map where you came from,
  2. It’s us: who we are and what is Metropolia Katowice is (presentation),
  3. Onboarding: we have a guide for you with the best places in Metropolia (presentation),
  4. Little treat: “pierogi” and borscht tasting,
  5. Together: let’s plan the next shared meetings (creative workshop).

Let the Metrolab GZM know, if you are going to participate in the event:
Link to registration form